Overkill Superchargers

Overkill Superchargers Kit Installation Guides

UPDATED FOR 3/20/2024 SEE BELOW LINK “Catch can Instructions for LLT and LFX and Caddy CTS.


**Updated March 2023**
Guide to the stage kits
  • In-tank Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Larger Fuel Injectors
  • Smaller supercharger pulley
  • D-Series Procharger supercharger unit
  • In-tank Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Larger Fuel Injectors

Stage 1 - 8 psi - 360-390 wheel horsepower anticipated (factory 245-260 wheel/chassis dyno horsepower). The base Stage 1 kit is extremely popular, it'll bump up performance on a completely factory engine and requires no fuel system upgrades. Upgrades to the exhaust system are recommended but not required, 91 octane or higher pump gasoline is required. Stage 1 uses a P1SC Procharger that's designed to build mid-range boost fast to improve torque and also provide high rpm horsepower gains.

Stage 2 - 10-11 psi - 390-420 wheel horsepower anticipated. Stage 2 ontop of the base Stage 1 adds: Stage 2 adds the fuel system upgrades of Stage 3 while maintaining the P series Procharger. Stage 2 provides a fuel injector upgrade to go with a fuel tank fuel pump upgrade to provide the fuel system to support an increase in boost to 10-11psi with a smaller supercharger pulley. Exhaust work is now highly suggested, as is finding 93-94 octane pump gas when possible. While pushing more boost, this is still a very comfortable reliable range for a 3.6 engine.

Stage 3 - 10-12psi - 410-450 wheel horsepower anticipated. Stage 3 ontop of the base Stage 1 adds: Stage 3 is the big upgrade to a D1SC higher output Procharger that will make a minimum of 10-11psi and can support up to 18psi on built motors. Included are all the fuel system upgrades from Stage 2 as well, the fuel pump and fuel injectors. Not only will the Stage 3 provide a taller ceiling for making power beyond these Stage kits with further upgrades, but the D series will also improve horsepower in the 10-12psi range by using a large pulley and not requiring as much horsepower from the engine to be driven vs the P series. Stage 3 is ideal for those that will go beyond the Stage kit components with extras like water/methanol injection and additional modifications to run more boost pressure.

*Special note* - The D-series upgrade is ONLY available at this price when purchasing the Stage 3 kit on the original upfront purchase. Upgrading your Procharger unit down the road is available but at a much higher pricepoint, so if you think you'll want this upgrade, now's the best time to consider it!