2013-2019 Cadillac ATS V6 Overkill Supercharger System



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Love your 3.6 model? Ready to leapfrog the 2.0 Turbo modding community? The Overkill Procharger supercharger system is now available for the Cadillac ATS platform! Bolt on significant horsepower in a weekend worth of wrenching.

Stage 1 kits will typically increase the factory 260 wheel horsepower (on a chassis dyno) to 350-370 wheel horsepower; Stage 3 kits with the larger D series Procharger and full fuel system upgrades have dynoed around 450 wheel horsepower as provided, with room to grow further.

This system is 100% bolt on installation you can do in a weekend. You are not required to have any other modifications on your vehicle. Every requirement to install a supercharger on your ATS V6 is included in this kit, including going above the normal expectation with our catch can system to improve engine operation and lifespan, and custom tuning service. This kit fits both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive and we have kits for both the LFX 3.6 2013-2015 models and the LGX 3.6 2016-2019 models!

All Kits include the following components and features:

  • Procharger Supercharger unit – P1SC model for Stages 1 and 2, D1SC for Stage 3, self contained oiling system (no oil lines connect to the engine), D-Series supports up to 16psi on the 3.6
  • Overkill 8-rib pulley system – unique mounting brackets use existing engine point attachments to mount the Procharger, a new independent crank pulley interlocks with the factory pulley and runs a dedicated 8-rib belt for the supercharger that doesn’t interfere with the factory accessory belt
  • Full Intercooler system – Large air-air intercooler, Precision blow off valve, custom machined MAF housing and full silicone/aluminum tubing with Tbolt clamps, top quality components.
  • Overkill tuning with HP Tuners – each kit comes with an HP Tuner suite and custom tuning support for yourself or the installation/tuning shop of your choice. It’s HIGHLY suggested to purchase an AEM 30-0334 air/fuel gauge if you’ll be tuning exclusively with Overkill through email.
  • Catch can system – separates oil vapors in the PCV system, set up to ensure proper operation while in boost, helps keep oil residue out of the supercharger system and intercooler
  • Full Intake system with K&N air filter, new AC Delco spark plugs designed for boost, and a full complement of parts required for installation such as (on 13-15 kits) a brake vacuum pump relocation kit, a new serpentine belt and tensioner for the accessory system, new upper radiator brackets and more.


New for September 2020 – Switch to Procharger!


Overkill is excited to announce the switch to Procharger head units for this supercharger system. Along with improved performance for all kits, you can anticipate high horsepower potential from the new Stage 3 kit with a large D-Series Procharger head unit. Read below to understand the difference in Stage kits and what might be right for you!


Program Option

Stage 1, Stage 2

HP Tuners MPVI3 Interface Option

No Interface Option, HP Tuners MPVI3 Interface

HP Tuners Credits

No Credits Option, HP Tuners Credits (2)