6TH Gen Camaro Tune -With HPTuners




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  • 2016 and up camaro’s require 4 HPTuners credits for the ECM and 4 more HPTuners credits if you want to also tune the TCM. For a total of 8 credits, these will need to be purchased seperately to register your vehicle.

  • Additionally, for 2017+ model camaro’s the TCM has to be unlocked before being tuned. HPTuners charges $399 + Shipping.
  • This tune is for customers that do NOT have the HPTuners device, this tune will be emailed to you for you to flash on to your vehicle, and the MPVI3 device will be shipped out to you.
  • Intitial instructions for using HP Tuners Editor and Scanner:
    Here are links to using the Editor and the scanner programs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWYKVoFcOmk&t=304s
    Read your stock existing tune and save to downloads. Label the stock read as: “yourname stock read” Do NOT read the FPCM, the last box. Check that as “Do Not Read” or it will cost 2 more credits.

    I have attached the LFX scan config file to use, just click on the very left “Load config” and pick where the file saved (usually in Downloads), and then do a 5-10 minute drive and save as “yourname here Stock Drive Log”
    Do not click on it directly.
    Then email me both and we will go from there. Download VCM Suite from here: https://www.hptuners.com/downloads/
    Then once we study the scan we will adjust the Parameters in your tune file and send a new revision back to you to flash in and then do another drive log and email back to us. It usually takes 2-3 times to get your individual car dialed in
  • Improved response from the throttle pedal, fixes lag and surge on takeoff, different throttle feel in Touring and Sport modes, no dead pedal feel while cruising, NO NEED FOR EXTERNAL THROTTLE BOOSTERS!
  • 2016 only: Fully rewritten transmission shift points: Upshift points improved in Touring mode to reduce bog, True SPORT SHIFT MODE will hold gears longer than Touring mode with quicker shift completion time.
  • Tuning support for your aftermarket intake systems, no check engine lights
  • Displacement On Demand can be disabled
  •  Rev Limiter in Park/Neutral raised
  • Tuning available for Overkill Supercharger Kits!


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