RX Insolator Manifold Spacer LLT/LFX



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The LLT 3.6L V6 manufactured from 2008-2011 and found in the Cadillac CTS, ATS, Gen5 Camaro, and several other GM platforms has a cast aluminum intake manifold. This results in a power-robbing heat soak. The RX Insolator prevents much of this heat soak by reducing temps up to 40* F. The result is up to a 20 RWHP increase for the most power gains for the money spent.

We use a high temperature material with excellent insulating properties and we have also integrated recessed O-rings. The O-ring grooves eliminate the need for any sealant. Without the need for sealant, there is no risk of excess RTV causing leaks or spreading into the port which can create flow disruptions.

The RX Insolator was designed to be used with the factory gasket that goes between the spacer and the intake manifold with the proper dowel pin holes to make alignment automatic. The RX Insolator mates against the cylinder head ports for a worry free install.