RX Billet Pro Stall Converter 2016+ GM



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Introducing the RX Billet Pro Stall Converter for Camaro Gen 6 V6’s with A8 transmissions. This unit cures the “shudder’ issues so many experience with the Gen6 V6 A8 transmission. Rated to hold over 800 HP, this provides a huge increase in acceleration yet drives like stock when driving easy. However, your V6 will come alive when you put your foot in it. Average reduction of 1/2 second from 1/4 mile times.

We recommend the addition of our high performance transmission cooler with this stall converter. We also install these if desired.

Shipping charges will be $45.00 within the United States. Please contact us for rates outside the United States.



RX Billet Pro Stall Converter, RX Billet Pro Stall Converter with Transmission Cooler & Fan