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Driving through the snow belt to get to Florida and back is the only time the car gets exposed to winter.I think your oil/air separator improved my gas mileage a little bit and that’s a plus! Even though that wasn’t the main reason I bought it. In the 1500mi drive I got 28mpg at an average speed of 65mph! Real world data. EPA/Chevrolet says 29, and the onboard computer actually said 29.2 for a time .That’s the best real world mileage I’ve yet seen . The best I could gather from the internet was that EPA test is closer to 55mph steady speed equivalent . I drained it when I got home a I got slightly less than 1oz oil/gas?/water? mixture. I Really love my car now that I feel we solved the GDI problem.( I’ve always loved the car- ever since i got it) but I briefly considered selling it because in my mind removing the intake and cleaning valves at 50k miles seemed like something I wouldn’t even expect to do on a car from the 60’s. Anyway, I appreciate your well made product and will promote it readily. And thanks for the professional install. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. God bless!
Patrick Schille
Catch Can Customer