Installation – GM V6 3.6L

Gen 8 Impala 3.6 V6 and most GM 3.6L FWD

The mid sized GM 3.6L will be longitudinally mounted so the oil separating catch can installation will be evacuating from the valve cover to the rear, against the firewall.

The cans center fitting connects to the rear valve cover, and for best results use a pliers and remove this barb by grasping the base and twisting, and pulling straight up. Then drill the top and both bottom holes to 7/64” to reduce the restrictiveness of the tiny hole design from 2004-2013. Late 2013 and 2014 models will have the larger holes already so this mod is not needed:


As you can see above, the original OEM hole size causes crankcase pressure to buildup and oil ingestion through the “clean side” of the PCV system upstream of the throttle body.


Below this is how your engine should look like with the cover removed.


Note the earlier intake manifold versions will be aluminum and the later plastic, but we still will be installing between the intake manifold vacuum barb connecting to the outer valve on the RX can, and the valve cover PCV barb to the center of the can. This will look similar to this when removed: You will need to be careful with the line (similar to but not exact as below left) to make sure you can connect the included barbs to it and the can lines.


Above right shows where to mount the bracket using the included bolt and the can will then attach to the bracket as shown below:


Note: There may only be room for one bolt. This is sufficient to secure the can. Above right shows the finished installation. Draining the can should be done every oil change or 5,000 miles and the oil disposed of properly as with any drain oil.

This system is available direct from the manufacturer at: or by phone at: 941-235-1713.