Installation – Corvette C6 Z06

To mount the catch can, use the Medium Z bracket with a 1” spacer and longer M10 bolt to attach it to the passenger side cylinder head. There are unused threaded holes already. The bracket will need to be angled toward the passenger side of the engine compartment slightly and the engine cover must be trimmed to allow for proper fitment.

As you can see on the previous page, route the center fitting of the can to the valley PCV barb, No check valve on this line.

One outer fitting with inline check valve flowing AWAY from the can to the intake manifold vacuum barb that originally connected directly to the valley barb when stock. This will be your inlet from the crankcase as the vapors are evacuated from the valley into the can to be cleaned and passed on.

The second outlet (outer fitting) will connect to a barb you insert into the coupler that attaches the throttle body to the main intake air bridge. This will take over and provide evacuation suction when accelerating or at wide open throttle when there is no vacuum present in the intake manifold. This greatly improves the overall evacuation function extending engine life.

Now we go to the clean side separator.

The clean side separator will replace the oil fill cap on the dry sump oil tank. The bottom plastic portion slips off and installs just as your stock oil cap, and the main separation unit then pushes into it sealing with dual O-rings.

Unsnap the front most line from the tank (this line runs to the main intake air bridge or CAI just downstream from the MAF sensor). It will either snap onto the barb on the clean side unit, or simply cut the fitting off and slide 3/8” line over it and then slide onto the barb. Your incoming flushing and make-up air now enters through the CSS and prevents oil from “burping” back out and into the main intake air bridge.

We have one open barb now on the oil tank, and this you run a hose from to a T you add into either hard line that run to each valve cover. This prevents any pressure pockets from forming in the dry sump oil tank.

This completes your installation.