Fleet Owners

Fleet Owners

Fleet Owners / Managers,

If you have gasoline engine light trucks and or vans, the use of a dual valve oil catch can system can save you money$$ in several ways. First off, as these remove the oil mist and other contaminates that cause detonation and a less than optimum combustion, once these are removed from the intake air charge your vehicle will experience far less knock retard due to detonation. This allows the engine to run optimum timing advance and produce a cleaner, more efficient burn and more power for improved fuel economy. The average gain is 1-3 MPG and the average ROI period is app. 5.7 months of driving (dependent upon the miles driven per month. This savings alone can have a huge impact on cost to operate your fleet.

Extended oil change intervals. As the dual valve systems remove contaminates from the engine at all times as soon as they enter VS only during idle, cruise, and deceleration as most OEM systems do, this allows far less contamination of the oil allowing drain/change intervals of as much as twice as long as normal. This assumes a good quality full synthetic oil is used.

Less downtime and repair costs from reducing wear, carbon buildup and valve coking (in GDI engines intake valve coking is a serious issue, not affecting port injection engines). By removing and trapping most of the contaminants entering constantly as blow-by before it has a chance to settle and mix with the engine oil, this reduces wear of internal parts. ┬áThese contaminates are water, unburned fuel, sulfuric acid, and abrasive soot/carbon and ash particles among other compounds. Once these are allowed to settle and mix with the engine oil, most is there to stay reducing it’s ability to protect the internal parts.

As most fleets are leased, these can then be swapped to the replacement vehicles once lease is finished.

If you have a fleet of at least 15 vehicles, we will provide the first system installed at NO cost in order to demonstrate the benefits. This offer is provided assuming that you have been tracking the before fuel usage of the test vehicle. There is no better way to verify a claim than seeing the results first hand at no cost to you. We also have installation training provided at no cost, and depending on the fleet size, can send a rep to you to train and do installs. Calculate just a 2 MPG improvement fleet wide and the savings is substantial. If you have say a 2011 to current Ford F150 Ecoboost, then this is the proven solution to eliminating the shudder/misfire issues that plague these engines and also eliminates the most common cause of engine failure, hydro-lock from the poor evacuation system they come stock with.

Contact us direct for fleet pricing and options.