Check Engine Light 2015 + Ford Ecoboost

Flow Sensor Adapter – Supplement for 2015 and newer Ford Ecoboost

On the 2015 and newer Ford Ecoboost, there is a flow sensor located on the OEM cleanside line. With the installation of a catch can, the flow to this sensor is changed and in some cases can trigger a CEL (Check Engine Light). By installing the flow Sensor Adapter, the sensor will register the same suction as it did when it was stock.

Flow Sensor Adapter
Flow Sensor Adapter

The sensor is located midway in the hard plastic cleanside line. Unsnap the sensor from the factory bracket and set the line aside in case you desire to return to stock in the future. Attach the sensor barb to the open end of the Flow Sensor Adapter as shown in the photo above.

Use the supplied hose clamp to ensure a snug fit. Make a cut in the cleanside line that goes from the Clean Side Separator to the airbox. Make the cut just to the left of the Clean Side Separator as indicated by the white arrow in the photo below. Plug the opposite end of the Flow Sensor Adapter into both ends created by this cut. Use the supplied zip ties to secure the flow Sensor Adapter so that it is not hanging loosely in the engine compartment.

Flow Sensor Adapter Location